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RIKEN offers early career researchers an excellent opportunity to qualify to further their career at a higher level. The RIKEN Hakubi Fellows Program established in 2018 supports junior Principal Investigators (PIs) and has played an important role in fostering talented researchers from around the world. We are now expanding the RIKEN Hakubi Fellows Program and starting a new program, the RIKEN Early Career Leaders (ECL) Program, to provide further support to junior PIs. The program is open to junior researchers in natural and mathematical sciences including research areas bordering the humanities and social sciences. The ECL Team/Unit Leaders are expected to manage their own laboratories as fixed-term PIs and can apply to indefinite-term PI positions within RIKEN.
RIKEN is now accepting applications for the positions of Team Leader and Unit Leader. Applicants may apply for both (1) Team Leader and (2) Unit Leader positions. Female researchers may also apply for (3) the Sechi Kato Program.

(1) RIKEN ECL Team Leader (Number of openings: Up to two)
This program will offer opportunities for exceptionally talented researchers who are highly motivated to establish independent laboratories to carry out ambitious research projects with high scientific or social impacts. The laboratory term will be seven years and its start-up expenses and research budget over a seven-year period will be provided.
FY 2024 call for proposals

(2) RIKEN ECL Unit Leader (Number of openings: Up to two)
This program will offer opportunities for outstanding researchers to establish independent laboratories to take on the challenge of carrying out unique and ambitious research projects. The ECL unit leader can lead a compact and flexible laboratory hosted by one of the research centers or other RIKEN organization. The laboratory term will be five years and start-up expenses and research budget over a five-year period will be provided.
FY 2024 call for proposals

(3) Sechi Kato Program for RIKEN ECL Program (Female Junior PI Program)
To facilitate the active participation of female researchers and to promote recruitment of talented female researchers, RIKEN launched the Sechi Kato Program in FY 2018. The Sechi Kato program, which has been conducted under the RIKEN Hakubi program, has been expanded to the RIKEN ECL program, providing both Team Leader and Unit Leader positions to outstanding female researchers.
We welcome applications from female researchers who are highly motivated to change the world.

2023-04-25 2023-06-26

Dr. SK Dey group (Lova Riekert Chair and Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation) is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow.Dr. Dey has been studying in the field of female reproduction for more than 40 years. He was awarded the Carl G. Hartman award (2008), the most prestigious award in reproduction field, and the IVI Foundation Award for the Best Clinical Research Record in Reproductive Medicine (2009). Pregnancy is a complex process, comprising ovulation, fertilization, preimplantation embryo development, oviductal embryo transport, embryo implantation, uterine decidualization, placentation and parturition. They are all critical, and failure at any of these events compromises pregnancy outcome. Implantation is the first direct encounter between the embryo and mother, while parturition is the end of this encounter, although soluble factors from the uterus and/or embryo influence the embryo-uterine dialogue prior to implantation. Therefore, implantation and parturition conceptually, physiologically and clinically are two distinct conundrums with different molecular and genetic signatures. While implantation failure is a significant cause of infertility and a clinical issue in IVF programs, preterm birth and prematurity, on the other hand, are problems that continue beyond birth, posing a huge long-term social and economic liability. Dr. Dey has published more than 400 articles in respected journals, including Cell, Nature, Science, Nature Medicine, JCI, Genes&Development, Nature review Genetics, PNAS, Nat Communication and Development. Currently, Dr. Dey is serving JCI and Science Translational medicine as a consulting expert.


Matsuo, M; Yuan, J; Kim, YS; Dewar, A; Fujita, H; Dey, SK; Sun, X. Targeted depletion of uterine glandular Foxa2 induces embryonic diapause in mice. eLife. 2022; 11.

Kim, YS; Li, Y; Yuan, J; Borg, JP; Sun, X; Dey, SK. Cannabinoid and planar cell polarity signaling converges to direct placentation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2021; 118.

Yuan, J; Aikawa, S; Deng, W; Bartos, A; Walz, G; Grahammer, F; Huber, TB; Sun, X; Dey, SK. Primary decidual zone formation requires Scribble for pregnancy success in mice. Nature Communications. 2019; 10.

Yuan, J; Deng, W; Cha, J; Sun, X; Borg, J; Dey, SK. Tridimensional visualization reveals direct communication between the embryo and glands critical for implantation. Nature Communications. 2018; 9.

Deng W; Cha J; Yuan J; Haraguchi H; Bartos A; Leishman E; Viollet B; Bradshaw HB; Hirota Y; Dey SK. p53 coordinates decidual sestrin 2/AMPK/mTORC1 signaling to govern parturition timing. J Clin Invest. 2016;126


  • Design, execute, and record laboratory experiments, and analyze the data.
  • Research and improve current methods and evaluate innovative techniques. Implement this knowledge in the Division/Department.
  • Present research at laboratory meetings, journal clubs, seminars, and meetings.
  • Draft, write, and edit scientific reports, papers, journal articles, abstracts, and grants.
  • Attend required Cincinnati Children’s training sessions and ensure regulatory compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Doctoral degree in Biological Sciences, Physiology, Pharmacology or related field.

Compensation: $56K+/year with medical and dental insurance.

Contact: sk.dey[at] ; xiaofei.sun[at]

2023-04-17 2023-07-17