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Research Field and Overview
The newly established laboratory in the FY 2023 will study microorganisms that inhabit deep subterranean environments. The main objectives of this laboratory are to gain insight into the unknown ecology and metabolic capabilities of these organisms, to advance our understanding of the early evolution of life and biological functions, to identify and utilize novel genetic resources within extreme environment microorganisms, and to expand our understanding of the field of astrobiology.

Open positions
Research Scientist: 1 position
NOTE: We are seeking individuals at the level of full-time university Assistant Professor to Associate Professor or Full-Time Lecturer for this open position.

Job description
Successful candidate will promote research on physiological and ecological aspects of Earth’s microorganisms, the early evolution of life and biological functions, and the discovery and utilization of novel genetic resources from microbial communities in extreme environments. This will be achieved by a variety of methodologies, including but not limited to fieldwork, environmental metagenomics, bioinformatics, microbial cultivation, microbial ecology and physiology, molecular biology, and synthetic biology techniques. The successful candidate is expected to conduct research and development on topics specified above and to contribute to the management of the laboratory.

Doctoral degree (or equivalent research ability and background) in the relevant research field

Initial work location
RIKEN Wako Campus (2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198)

Type of employment
The post is an indefinite-term employment position, subject to RIKEN's mandatory retirement age of 60*.


For applicant registration:
Noon, October 13, 2023 (Japan time).

For revising or uploading application documents and letters of recommendation:
Noon, October 20, 2023 (Japan time).

For more information, please visit the following website:

2023-09-04 2023-10-13

The International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS) at Kumamoto University in Japan ( is seeking qualified applicants for independent faculty positions at the rank of Full Professor or Associate Professor. Our center’s research focus is Development, Stem Cell, Aging and Cancer. The positions are available from February 1st, 2024, or as soon as possible. Appointments are for a renewable 5-year term upon evaluation and approval by the center director.

Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. or M.D. in biomedical sciences and to develop active, independently-funded research programs as Principal Investigators. Ideal candidates should have research experience and a publication record in the fields of Development, Stem cell, Aging, or Cancer, and have the capability to develop new analytic tools for further advanced studies in these fields. It is essential for candidates to be able to communicate fluently in English. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for research seminar and interview.
Kumamoto University promotes gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, and strongly encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities. As a measure to improve the enrollment of female faculty, female applicants will receive priority consideration for this position.

Terms and conditions are set in accordance with the rules and regulations of Kumamoto University.

Application documents and deadline
Interested applicants must assemble and submit their application packet composed of: (1) curriculum vitae with email address, photo and contact information (appendix 1); (2) a list of peer-reviewed publications and other achievements (appendix 2); (3) a summary of research accomplishment (appendix 3); (4) a summary of current and future research (appendix 4); (5) a list of 3-5 people whom we can contact for reference letters (appendix 5).

The packet should be sent no later than October 31st, 2023 to the following address or e-mail address: recruit_ircms [at] *Please replace [at] with @ when addressing Emails

Director TAKIZAWA Hitoshi, Ph.D.
International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS), Kumamoto University
c/o Mr. YOSHIOKA Yuki
2-2-1 Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City 860-0811 Japan

For further inquiries, please contact Mr. YOSHIOKA Yuki, e-mail: recruit_ircms[at]
*Please replace [at] with @ when addressing Emails
Please allow sufficient time to respond to your inquiries.

2023-08-22 2023-10-31

Open positions
Team Leader

Number of positions
1 position


• A holder of Ph.D. or equivalent degree.

• Have the appropriate knowledge and experience to supervise and carry out the research projects described in Research Field.

Work location
RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (Yokohama Campus)
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 230-0045, Japan

Research field
The RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) aims to understand the general principles of the temporal dynamics unfolding within living organisms throughout their lifespan, from development and birth to aging and death. Our interdisciplinary approaches to address this overarching theme include cell biology, molecular biology, structural biology, computational science, imaging, multi-omics, theory, stem cell biology, organoids, and the use of diverse animal models.

We are seeking to recruit a Team Leader (principal investigator) to conduct advanced research to elucidate the fundamental principles of biological phenomena at molecular scales. In recent years, life science research fields exploring molecular and cellular scales have reached a major crossroads, with increasing importance being placed on research efforts bridging molecules and cells while taking into account their hierarchical and dynamic nature. There is a demand for researchers who can lead research that aims to unveil and understand fundamental cellular phenomena and architecture at the molecular and atomic levels. We encourage proposals that include advanced research and technological developments in structural biology, particularly using cryo-electron microscopy.

- Opportunities provided by BDR -
BDR provides early-career Principal Investigators (PIs) with an excellent environment for their independent research, including internationally competitive start-up packages (approximately 20 million JPY; negotiable as needed) and annual research funds (more than 25 million JPY per year) as well as mentoring by experienced senior BDR PIs. New PIs will be provided with approximately 150 m2 of dedicated space for their laboratory and will also have the use of common equipment areas for sample preparation and protein analysis. All BDR researchers have access to cutting-edge large-scale instruments such as cryo-electron microscopy, cryo-FIB/SEM, NMR spectroscopy, supercomputers such as Fugaku and MDGRAPE-4A. There are also facilities for omics, multi-scale imaging, mouse genome engineering and access to diverse animal models. PIs will also have opportunities for active collaborations with medical institutions and industry, and for mentoring graduate students through several joint graduate school programs with affiliated graduate schools. For more information, please visit the BDR website / PI recruitment introduction.

RIKEN is actively undertaking initiatives to promote gender equality and diversity and moving forward to establish a more diverse and vibrant research environment.
The working language for all discussions open to BDR members is English.

Applications must arrive no later than noon, November 30, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)

Start of employment
Negotiable (After July 1, 2024)

For more information and required application documents, please visit the application website:

2023-08-17 2023-11-30

The Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University invites applications for a professor who will conduct outstanding, original research in all areas of biological sciences and demonstrate leadership in Japan and abroad. In addition to research, the successful candidate will be responsible for graduate school education and Joint Usage/Institute operations.

1. Position

2. Number of Positions
2 (Two)

3. Affiliation
Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

4. Work Location
Suita Campus (3-2 Yamadaoka, Suita-City, Osaka, Japan)

5. Specialized Field
Bioscience in general

6. Responsibilities

• Presided over a laboratory and promoted research

• Educational activities for graduate school students

• Services of the Joint-Usage/Research Center

• Administrative tasks at Institute for Protein Research and Osaka University.

7. Qualifications

Applicants must have:

(1) A doctoral degree or equivalent professional expertise and/or achievement in the above field/s

(2) Excellent research achievements in the related field/s

(3) Business level or above Japanese language proficiency

8. Starting Date
April 1, 2024 (or as soon as possible thereafter)

9. Term of Employment
No Fixed Term (Until the end of the fiscal year when the applicant turns 65 years of age)

10. Probationary Period
6 months

11. Employment Form
Based on “6. Regulations Pertaining to Working Hours, Holidays and Leave for National University Corporation Osaka University Staff”

*The Discretionary Labor System, Special Work Type will be applied (deemed working hours: 8 hours a day)

12. Salary and Benefits
Based on “18.Salary Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Staff Subject to New Annual Salary System”

13. Insurance
Medical insurance and employee’s pension insurance of the Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations, Employment Insurance and Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

14. Application Documents
Applications must be written in English or Japanese and include the following;

1. A Curriculum Vitae

2. List of publications* (papers, reviews, and books); list of presentations (invited talks only). Mark the most important papers (up to 5) with circles.

3. List of external research grants.

4. Description on i) Past research and achievement; ii) Future plan of researches and their prospects; iii) How you would contribute to the education and Joint-Usage/Research activities at IPR.

5. A short description of the most important papers (up to 5), including the role of the applicant.

6. PDF reprints of the above most important papers.

7. Name, affiliation, and contact information (e-mail address and phone number) of two professional references who are willing to be contacted

*Authors, title, name of journal, volume, pages, and years should be included, with the applicant’s name underlined. Please mark first author, responsible author, equal contribution etc. as appropriate. In addition to published or accepted original papers, preprints can be listed.

- Personal information in the application documents will only be used for screening and hiring procedures, and will not be disclosed to any third party.

15. Sending Address and Contact Information
All the application documents should be combined into one PDF file.
Please send it to the below e-mail address.
Please write “Application for Professor of IPR” in the subject line.
tanpakuken-syomu [at] (Please replace [at] with @.)
Contact Person: Professor Yoshie Harada
Tel: +81-6-6879-8627
E-mail: yharada [at] (Please replace [at] with @.)

16. Application Deadline
September 4, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)

17. Selection Process
Document screening will be followed by interviews.

*Travel and accommodation costs necessary for interviews are to be covered by the applicant. For applicants residing overseas, the applicant may request an online interview.

*Please note that unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

18. Additional Information
Concerning work conditions other than the above-mentioned, please refer to “3. Work Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Staff” and/or related regulations.
After appointment, up to two Associate Professors, Lecturers, or Assistant Professors (all term limited) may be hired to form a new research group (Subject to the availability of positions within the Institute).
Please note the above-mentioned work conditions are as of the day this employment offer is posted and are subject to change.
We also particularly encourage applications from female candidates.
Osaka University is committed to promoting gender equality and providing various supports for female academic staff members.

*Osaka University campuses and related facilities are smoke-free, except for designated areas.

19. Recruiter
National University Corporation Osaka University

2023-07-03 2023-09-04

[Advanced Postdoc Program of IFReC, Osaka University]
The Osaka University Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) is recruiting post-doctoral researchers for its Advanced Postdoc Program. This program offers three-year employment and funding (3 million yen per year) for original research to promising young researchers. Selected applicants have access to continually upgraded state-of-the-art facilities at IFReC for their research, including equipment for single-cell analysis. Furthermore, selected applicants can expect their research careers to develop immensely through invaluable guidance from their supervisor among IFReC's many distinguished Principal Investigators as well as through collaborative research with them. We look forward to receiving applications from ambitious young researchers.

1. Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow as Specially Appointed Researcher (full-time)

2. Affiliation: Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University (Japan)

3. Number of positions: Postdoctoral Researcher x3

4. Research field: Immunology, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Bioimaging

5. Qualifications

- Doctorate degree obtained within the last 8 years

- International experience preferred

6. Work location: Suita Campus, Osaka University in Osaka, Japan

7. Research grant: JPY 3M per year

8. Start date: After September 1, 2023 (Start date of work is negotiable.)

9. Period of employment: Up to 3 years from the date of hire (Single year contract, renewable upon annual evaluation.)

10. Insurances: Enrollment in Healthcare Insurance, Employment Insurance, Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance

[Application and Selection]
1. Application period: Until the posts are filled
2. Application submission: Submit the required documents listed below as email attachments to the IFReC Research Planning & Management Office: recruit[at], Email subject line: Application for advanced postdoc position *Please replace [at] with @ when addressing Emails
3. Selection process: Document screening, and interview for successful applicants of the document screening

[Required documents]
All documents should be A4 or letter size and written in English.
1. Application form (downloadable from the Advanced Postdoc Program website)

* Write the names (maximum 3) of the Principal Investigators whom you would like to work with at IFReC

2. Curriculum vitae (education and work experience)
3. List of publication
4. Summary of previous research
5. Research plan and statement of ambitions for your future research at IFReC
6. Names, affiliations, and contact information of two references (You will be asked to submit two reference letters if you are selected as a finalist.)

For more information, please visit the following URL
Advanced Postdoc Program website:
IFReC website:

2023-07-03 2023-10-03