Genes to Cells 16巻8号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 16, Issue 8, 2011.
表紙: 東北への想い:名産染色体こけし

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Review Article

Pages: 827-841
The Trickster in the genome: contribution and control of transposable elements

中屋敷 均

Original Articles

Pages: 842-856
Efficient expression and purification of human replication fork-stabilizing factor, Claspin, from mammalian cells: DNA binding activity and novel protein interactions

宇野 修司、正井 久雄

Pages: 857-867
Translational repression stabilizes messenger RNA of autophagy-related genes

カンブ ビロン、上杉 志成、川添  嘉徳

Pages: 868-878
Characterization of the EFC/F-BAR domain protein, FCHO2

上江洲 章吉、梅田 一彰、辻田 和也、末次 志郎、竹縄 忠臣、中西 宏之

Pages: 879-895
ノナマー様配列とHMGB1によるDNA湾曲の促進は協調的にcryptic RSS上におけるRAG依存的DNAニック活性を促進する
Synergistic requirement of orphan nonamer-like elements and DNA bending enhanced by HMGB1 for RAG-mediated nicking at cryptic 12-RSS but not authentic 12-RSS

沼田 和志、永田 恭介

Pages: 896-909
Robust specification of sensory neurons by dual functions of charlatan, a Drosophila NRSF/REST-like repressor of extramacrochaetae and hairy

山崎 泰豊、林 永美、丹羽 尚、林 茂生、津田 玲生