Genes to Cells 17巻10号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 17, Issue 10, 2012.
表紙:月に雁 繊毛波打つ 秋の宵

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Original Articles

Pages: 807-816
Two serine phosphorylation sites in the C-terminus of Rad9 are critical for 9-1-1 binding to TopBP1 and activation of the DNA damage checkpoint response in HeLa cells

上田 聡、武石 幸容、大橋 英治、釣本 敏樹

Pages: 817-825
Intrinsically disordered proteins in human mitochondria

伊藤 將弘、遠里 由佳子、杉澤 仁、小原 祥平、福地 佐斗志、西川 郁子、西川 建

Pages: 826-836
Glycan profiling of endometrial cancers using lectin microarray

西島 義博、豊田 雅士、井上(山﨑) 麻由、杉山 太朗、宮澤 昌樹、村松 俊成、中村 京子、成松 久、梅澤 明弘、三上 幹男

Pages: 837-849
Crystal structure and DNA-binding mode of Klebsiella pneumoniae primosomal PriB protein
Yen-Hua Huang, Yu-Hua Lo, Wenya Huang and Cheng-Yang Huang

Pages: 850-874
Escherichia coli cold-shock gene profiles in response to over-expression/deletion of CsdA, RNase R and PNPase and relevance to low-temperature RNA metabolism
Sangita Phadtare