Genes to Cells 18巻1号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 18, Issue 1, 2013.

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Review Articles

Pages: 1-16
Systematic classification of vertebrate chemokines based on conserved synteny and evolutionary history

野見山 尚之、長田 直樹、義江 修

Pages: 17-31
Relationship between DNA replication and the nuclear matrix
Rosemary H. C. Wilson and Dawn Coverley

Original Articles

Pages: 32-41
ROS-generating oxidases Nox1 and Nox4 contribute to oncogenic Ras-induced premature senescence

児玉 亮、加藤 真良、古田 秀一、上野 翔太、張 玉根、松野 邦晴、矢部(西村) 千尋、田中 榮司、鎌田 徹

Pages: 42-55
Global transcriptional analysis of nuclear reprogramming in the transition from MEFs to iPSCs
Fulu Dong, Zhenwei Song, Jinping Zhang, Youde Lu, Chunlei Song, BaoChun Jiang, Baole Zhang, Peiqing Cong, Hongyan Sun, Fangxiong Shi and Honglin Liu

Pages: 56-65
Dok adaptors play anti-inflammatory roles in pulmonary homeostasis

真嶋 隆一、有村 純暢、梶川 修平、小田 秀明、中江 進、山梨 裕司

Pages: 66-78
Su(fu) はショウジョウバエ翅成虫原基において、ヘッジホグシグナルを微調整するため、Rdx機能を切替える
Su(fu) switches Rdx functions to fine-tune hedgehog signaling in the Drosophila wing disc

成 耆鉉、石井 俊輔