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Genes to Cells
Volume 18, Issue 11, 2013.

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Original Articles

Pages: 909-920
Ebi alleviates excessive growth signaling through multiple epigenetic functions in Drosophila

林 永美、山崎 泰豊、津田 玲生

Pages: 921-933
GATA factor switching from GATA2 to GATA1 contributes to erythroid differentiation

鈴木 未来子、小林 牧、堤 修一、Xiaoping Pan、大森 慎也、高井 淳、森口 尚、大根田 修、大根田 絹子、清水 律子、神吉 康晴、児玉 龍彦、油谷 浩幸、山本 雅之

Pages: 934-945
ショウジョウバエにおいてfat facetsはImdのユビキチン化を誘導し、自然免疫応答を抑制する
fat facets induces polyubiquitination of Imd and inhibits the innate immune response in Drosophila

八木 克将、林 永美、津田 玲生、西田 育巧

Pages: 946-959
Alternative replication factor C protein, Elg1, maintains chromosome stability by regulating PCNA levels on chromatin

塩見 泰史、西谷 秀男

Pages: 960-973
Golden goalはショウジョウバエの多樹状突起神経細胞において樹状突起の分岐と伸長を制御している
Golden goal controls dendrite elongation and branching of multidendritic arborization neurons in Drosophila

羽毛田 聡子、鈴木 崇之

Pages: 974-984
Adaptive response in stress granule formation and bulk translational repression upon a combined stress of mild heat shock and mild ethanol stress in yeast

山本 陽佑、井沢 真吾

Pages: 985-998
Nectin and junctional adhesion molecule are critical cell adhesion molecules for the apico-basal alignment of adherens and tight junctions in epithelial cells

山田 知広、蔵満 薫、力津 絵津子、栗田 宗一、池田 わたる、高井 義美

Pages: 999-1006
YB1 binds to and represses the p16 tumor suppressor gene

神武 洋二郎、小澤 雄一、原田 雅教、北川 恭子、丹伊田 浩行、森田 資隆、田中 賢二、須田 隆文、北川 雅敏

Pages: 1007-1019
DnaT is a single-stranded DNA binding protein
Yen-Hua Huang, Min-Jon Lin and Cheng-Yang Huang

Pages: 1020-1031
Longest neurite-specific activation of Rap1B in hippocampal neurons contributes to polarity formation through RalA and Nore1A in addition to PI3-kinase

中村 岳史、安田 さや香、永井 寛之、鯉沼 真吾、森下 宗、後藤 明弘、木梨 達雄、和田 直之

Pages: 1032-1041
Verification of the in vivo activity of three distinct cis-acting elements within the Gata1 gene promoter-proximal enhancer in mice

清水 律子、長谷川 敦、Sergio Ottolenghi、Antonella Ronchi、山本 雅之

Pages: 1042-1052
Establishment and characterization of a mutagenized cell line exhibiting the ‘cell-in-cell’ phenotype at a high frequency

華表 友暁、椙村 春彦