Genes to Cells 19巻11号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 19, Issue 11, 2014.
表紙:ニューロンの 雨中も続く 水迷路

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Original Articles

Pages: 793-802
Translocation of CIDEC in hepatocytes depends on fatty acids
Hongqiang Li, Ao Chen, Le Shu, Xiaolan Yu, Li Gan, Lei Zhou and Zaiqing Yang

Pages: 803-820
Involvement of IQGAP family proteins in the regulation of mammalian cell cytokinesis

足立 誠、河嵜 麻実、野島 久、西田 栄介、月田 早智子

Pages: 821-829
Quality control method for RNA-seq using single nucleotide polymorphism allele frequency

遠藤 高帆

Pages: 830-841
Muscle-specific calpain-3 is phosphorylated in its unique insertion region for enrichment in a myofibril fraction

尾嶋 孝一、小野 弥子、秦 勝志、野口 悟、西野 一三、反町 洋之

Pages: 842-852
Afadin requirement for cytokine expressions in keratinocytes during chemically induced inflammation in mice

葭田 敏之、岩田 隆紀、高井 義美、Walter Birchmeier、大和 雅之、岡野 光夫