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Genes to Cells
Volume 20, Issue 3, 2015.

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Original Articles

Pages: 153-159
小胞体ストレス応答におけるIRE-1/XBP-1経路はUNC-6/Netrinの神経細胞内局在を制御し、C. elegansの軸索誘導に関与する
IRE-1/XBP-1 pathway of the unfolded protein response is required for properly localizing neuronal UNC-6/Netrin for axon guidance in C. elegans

朝倉 太郎、小倉 顕一、五嶋 良郎

Pages: 160-172
Meiotic nuclear movements in fission yeast are regulated by the transcription factor Mei4 downstream of a Cds1-dependent replication checkpoint pathway

ルアン クン、山本 孝治、淺川 東彦、近重 裕次、升方 久夫、原口 徳子、平岡 泰

Pages: 173-190
Importance of the monomer-dimer-tetramer interconversion of the clock protein KaiB in the generation of circadian oscillations in cyanobacteria

飯田 高広、武藤 梨沙、小内 清、森下 めぐみ、古川 進朗、難波 啓一、石浦 正寛

Pages: 191-202
Human mediator MED17 subunit plays essential roles in gene regulation by associating with the transcription and DNA repair machineries

菊地 祐子、梅村 啓靖、西谷 紗織、飯田 智、深澤 力也、林 裕人、廣瀬 豊、田中 亜紀、菅澤 薫、大熊 芳明

Pages: 203-216
Association of the winged helix motif of the TFIIEα subunit of TFIIE with either the TFIIEβ subunit or TFIIB distinguishes its functions in transcription

田中 亜紀、秋元 勇亮、小林 聡子、久武 幸司、花岡 文雄、大熊 芳明

Pages: 217-223
Estrogen induces estrogen receptor alpha expression and hepatocyte proliferation in the livers of male mice

上尾 達也、梅田 真、今井 剛

Pages: 224-241
Hypoxia-inducible factor-3α promotes angiogenic activity of pulmonary endothelial cells by repressing the expression of the VE-cadherin gene

小林 里美、山下 年晴、大根田 絹子、長野 真澄、木村 健一、中井 秀人、Lorenz Poellinger、大根田 修

Pages: 242-254
Definition of the transcription factor TdIF1 consensus-binding sequence through genomewide mapping of its binding sites

小祝 孝太郎、久保田 隆史、渡邉 信久、堀 克敏、小祝 修、正井 久雄