Genes to Cells 20巻5号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 20, Issue 5, 2015.

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Original Articles

Pages: 367-381
Preferential gene expression and epigenetic memory of induced pluripotent stem cells derived from mouse pancreas

糠谷 大樹、南 幸太郎、星川 律子、横井 伯英、清野 進

Pages: 382-391
rs2294008T, a risk allele for gastric and gallbladder cancers, suppresses the PSCA promoter by recruiting the transcription factor YY1

佐伯 宣久、小野 弘恵、柳原 五吉、青柳 一彦、佐々木 博己、坂本 裕美、吉田 輝彦

Pages: 392-407
Dynamic transition of transcription and chromatin landscape during fission yeast adaptation to glucose starvation

小田 有沙、竹俣 直道、平田 祥人、三好 知一郎、鈴木 穣、菅野 純夫、太田 邦史

Pages: 408-426
Mef2d is essential for the maturation and integrity of retinal photoreceptor and bipolar cells

大森 義裕、北村 民樹、吉田 怜代、桒原 隆亮、茶屋 太郎、入江 彰一、古川 貴久

Pages: 427-438
Notch signaling regulates venous arterialization during zebrafish fin regeneration

亀谷 祥子、Neil C. Chi、Didier Y.R. Stainier、高田 慎治

Pages: 439-449
White spotting phenotype induced by targeted REST disruption during neural crest specification to a melanocyte cell lineage

青木 仁美、原 明、國貞 隆弘