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Genes to Cells
Volume 21, Issue 1, 2016.

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Original Articles

Pages: 6-24
Effects of 6-meals-a-day feeding and 6-meals-a-day feeding combined with adrenalectomy on daily gene expression rhythms in rat epididymal white adipose tissue
Yan Su, Ewout Foppen, Zhi Zhang, Eric Fliers and Andries Kalsbeek

Pages: 25-40
Distal regulatory element of the STAT1 gene potentially mediates positive feedback control of STAT1 expression

湯浅 勝敏、土方 貴雄

Pages: 41-52
tRNA の構造安定性と tRNA 修飾酵素 archaeal tRNA-guanine transglycosylase の触媒効率との相関
Correlation between the stability of tRNA tertiary structure and the catalytic efficiency of a tRNA-modifying enzyme, archaeal tRNA-guanine transglycosylase

能村 友一朗、大野 敏、西川 一八、横川 隆志

Pages: 53-64
Hierarchical axon targeting of Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons specified by the proneural transcription factors Atonal and Amos

奥村 美紗子、加藤 知子、三浦 正幸、千原 崇裕

Pages: 65-87
Autophagy is required for efficient meiosis progression and proper meiotic chromosome segregation in fission yeast

松原 央達、山本 歩

Pages: 88-98
Regulatory role of the cell adhesion molecule nectin-1 in GABAergic inhibitory synaptic transmission in the CA3 region of mouse hippocampus

耿 瀟奇、萬代 研二、丸尾 知彦、王 淑杰、藤原 武志、溝口 明、高井 義美、森 正弘

Pages: 99-116
MicroRNA-31 is a positive modulator of endothelial-mesenchymal transition and associated secretory phenotype induced by TGF-β

桂 彰宏、鈴木 洋、上野 敏秀、三平 元、山崎 智子、安田 貴彦、渡部 徹郎、間野 博行、山田 芳嗣、宮園 浩平