Genes to Cells 21巻12号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 21, Issue 12, 2016.

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Original Articles

Pages: 1276-1289
RNA decay systems enhance reciprocal switching of sense and antisense transcripts in response to glucose starvation

三木 敦子、ガリポン ジョゼフィーヌ、澤井 哲、稲田 利文、太田 邦史

Pages: 1290-1308
SFP1-mediated prion-dependent lethality is caused by increased Sup35 aggregation and alleviated by Sis1
Andrew G. Matveenko, Polina B. Drozdova, Mikhail V. Belousov, Svetlana E. Moskalenko, Stanislav A. Bondarev, Yury A. Barbitoff, Anton A. Nizhnikov and Galina A. Zhouravleva

Pages: 1309-1319
Small Maf deficiency recapitulates the liver phenotypes of Nrf1- and Nrf2-deficient mice

勝岡 史城、山嵜 博未、山本 雅之

Pages: 1320-1332
Dietary fructose-induced hepatocellular carcinoma development manifested in mice lacking apoptosis inhibitor of macrophage (AIM)

小澤 崇之、前原 奈津美、甲斐 敏裕、新井 郷子、宮崎 徹

Pages: 1333-1352
Hmo1のin vitro, in vivoにおけるDNA結合にはボックスAドメインを介した多量体化が必須である
Oligomerization of Hmo1 mediated by box A is essential for DNA binding in vitro and in vivo

笠原 浩司、東野 綺子、雲財 悟、吉川 博文、古久保 哲朗

Pages: 1353-1364
Novel translocation intermediate allows re-evaluation of roles of ATP, proton motive force and SecG at the late stage of preprotein translocation

西山 賢一、徳田 元

Pages: 1365-1379
Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor ensures the elongation of axons and dendrites in the mouse frontal cortex

大場 浩史、武田 和久、古瀬 民生、鈴木 智広、若菜 茂晴、鈴木 貴、山本 博章、柴原 茂樹

Brief Report

Pages: 1380-1386
Small spheroids of adipose-derived stem cells with time-dependent enhancement of IL-8 and VEGF-A secretion

古旗 祐一、菊池 有夏、冨田 峻介、吉本 敬太郎