Genes to Cells 22巻5号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 22, Issue 5, 2017.

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Original Articles

Pages: 424-435
HIV-1 susceptibility of transgenic rat-derived primary macrophage/T cells and a T cell line that express human receptors, CyclinT1 and CRM1 genes

志田 壽利、岡田 紘幸、鈴木 元、張 険峰、陳 晶、横田(恒次) 恭子、田中 勇悦、薬師寺 文華、林 良雄

Pages: 436-451
Behavioral and neuroanatomical analyses in a genetic mouse model of 2q13 duplication

岸本 恵子、野村 淳、Jacob Ellegood、福本 景太、Jason P. Lerch、Daniel Moreno-De-Luca、Thomas Bourgeron、玉田 紘太、内匠 透

Pages: 452-471
Ribosomal protein L31 in Escherichia coli contributes to ribosome subunit association and translation, whereas short L31 cleaved by protease 7 reduces both activities

上田 雅美、和田 千惠子、別所 義隆、前田 真希、和田 明

Pages: 472-484
Aging-dependent expression of synapse-related proteins in the mouse brain

塩谷 元、丸尾 知彦、榊原 正太郎、宮田 宗明、萬代 研二、望月 秀樹、高井 義美

Pages: 485-492
Neu1 sialidase interacts with perilipin 1 on lipid droplets and inhibits lipolysis in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

名取 雄人、那須井 美和子、根岸 文子

Brief Report

Pages: 493-500
Lipid raft dynamics linked to sperm competency for fertilization in mice

渡邊 仁美、竹田 理恵、廣田 圭司、近藤 玄