Genes to Cells 22巻9号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 22, Issue 9, 2017.

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Original Articles

Pages: 770-784
Many transcription factors contribute to C. elegans growth and fat storage
Akihiro Mori, Amy D. Holdorf and Albertha J. M. Walhout

Pages: 785-798
Matrin3 binds directly to intronic pyrimidine-rich sequences and controls alternative splicing

植村 有里、大島 卓弥、山本 宗隆、Charles Jourdan Reyes、Pedro Henrique Costa Cruz、渋谷 利治、河原 行郎

Pages: 799-809
SYCP3 regulates strand invasion activities of RAD51 and DMC1

小林 航、細谷 紀子、町田 晋一、宮川 清、胡桃坂 仁志

Pages: 810-824
Functional analysis of the cyclophilin PpiB role in bacterial cell division
Aggeliki Skagia, Chrysoula Zografou, Anastasia Venieraki, Costas Fasseas, Panagiotis Katinakis and Maria Dimou

Pages: 825-835
下痢誘発性毒素としてのフェイヤー住肉胞子虫(Sarcocystis feyeri)脱重合因子の性状解析
Characterization of Sarcocystis fayeri’s actin-depolymerizing factor as a toxin that causes diarrhea

入倉 大祐、斉藤 守弘、小西 良子、大西 貴弘、杉山 圭一、渡辺 麻衣子、山﨑 朗子、泉山 信司、佐藤 弘隆、木村 裕亮、土井 りえ、鎌田 洋一

Pages: 836-844
Expression of cytokine and extracellular matrix mRNAs in fetal hepatic stellate cells
Keai Sinn Tan, Kasem Kulkeaw, Yoichi Nakanishi and Daisuke Sugiyama