Genes to Cells 22巻11号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 22, Issue 11, 2017.

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Meeting Report

Pages: 934-938
Hot debate in hot springs: Report on the second international meeting on SMC proteins

平野 達也、西山 朋子、白髭 克彦

Original Articles

Pages: 939-952
Induction of erythropoietin gene expression in epithelial cells by chemicals identified in GATA-inhibitor screenings

金子 寛、加藤 剛英、平野 育生、長谷川 敦史、辻田 忠志、山本 雅之、清水 律子

Pages: 953-967
cAMPによるPKAとp190B RhoGAPの活性化は、細胞膜でのTC10活性を下げることで神経突起伸展を促進する
cAMP-induced activation of protein kinase A and p190B RhoGAP mediates down-regulation of TC10 activity at the plasma membrane and neurite outgrowth

鯉沼 真吾、竹内 公平、和田 直之、中村 岳史

Brief Report

Pages: 968-976
Hikeshi modulates the proteotoxic stress response in human cells: implication for the importance of the nuclear function of HSP70s

Khondoker Md Zulfiker Rahman、儘田 博志、高木 昌俊、小瀬 真吾、今本 尚子