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Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 1, 2018.

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Review Article

Pages: 6-15
Physiological significance of multipolar cells generated from neural stem cells and progenitors for the establishment of neocortical cytoarchitecture

水谷 健一

Meeting Report

Pages: 16-21
Assembly of insect hormone enthusiasts at Nasu Highland, Japan: Report of the 3rd International Insect Hormone (21st Ecdysone) Workshop

丹羽 隆介、西村 隆史

Original Articles

Pages: 22-34
p210 BCR-ABLのPHドメインはカルジオリピンを認識し、p210 BCR-ABLのミトコンドリアへの移行ならびにマイトファジーの抑制を引き起こす
Pleckstrin homology domain of p210 BCR-ABL interacts with cardiolipin to regulate its mitochondrial translocation and subsequent mitophagy

島崎 健太朗、高橋 美帆、梅田 真郷、舟本 聡、斎藤 芳郎、野口 範子、熊谷 圭吾、花田 賢太郎、塚原 富士子、丸 義朗、柴田 識人、内藤 幹彦、西川 喜代孝

Pages: 35-45
I131 reinforces antitumor activity of metuximab by reversing epithelial-mesenchymal transition via VEGFR-2 signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
Lu Wu, Bin Sun, Xuejing Lin, Chunying Liu, Haihua Qian, Lei Chen, Yefa Yang, Feng Shen and Changqing Su

Brief Report

Pages: 46-53
短い3'-UTRを用いたtwo-step PCR法による無細胞タンパク質合成系の転写鋳型作成技術
Cloning-free template DNA preparation for cell-free protein synthesis via two-step PCR utilizing versatile primer designs with effective 3'-UTR

野元 美佳、多田 安臣