Genes to Cells 23巻9号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 9, 2018.

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Original Articles

Pages: 738-752
Sfh1, an essential component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex, maintains genome integrity in fission yeast

琴村 直恵、常峰 悟、倉賀野 正弘、浅沼 高寛、中川 浩実、田中 克典、村上 洋太

Pages: 753-766
Domain-specific biological functions of the transcription factor Gata2 on hematopoietic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells

北島 健二、鹿子田 真衣、中島 鞠乃、原 孝彦

Pages: 767-777
JMJD2B/KDM4B inactivation in adipose tissues accelerates obesity and systemic metabolic abnormalities

Changkeun Kang、佐相 薫葉子、太田 一成、河津 正人、上田 健、岡田 斉

Brief Reports

Pages: 778-785
Distinct modes of stress granule assembly mediated by the KH-type RNA-binding protein Rnc1

佐藤 亮介、原 伸樹、川崎 有記、高崎 輝恒、杉浦 麗子

Pages: 786-793
eIF2α kinases PERK and GCN2 act on FOXO to potentiate FOXO activity
Shiqiu You, Huifang Li, Zhubing Hu and Wei Zhang

Pages: 794-802
Mammalian embryos show metabolic plasticity towards the surrounding environment during neural tube closure

宮沢 英延、山本 正道、山口 良文、三浦 正幸