Genes to Cells 23巻12号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 12, 2018.

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Original Articles

Pages: 988-997
Regulation of LRG1 expression by RNA-binding protein Puf5 in the budding yeast cell wall integrity pathway

Nguyen Thi Minh Viet、Duong Long Duy、齊藤 和弘、入江 かおる、須田 恭之、水野 智亮、入江 賢児

Pages: 998-1008
Developmental gene expression patterns in the brain and liver of Xenopus tropicalis during metamorphosis climax

矢尾板 芳郎、中島 圭介

Pages: 1009-1022
MicroRNA-342 inhibits tumor growth via targeting chemokine CXCL12 involved in macrophages recruitment/activation

田 義軍(Yijun Tian)、松井 さやか、藤間 真紀、呉 瓊(WU Qiong)、杉本 健吉

Pages: 1023-1042
Albatross/FBF1 contributes to both centriole duplication and centrosome separation

猪子 誠人、矢野 智樹、宮本 達雄、松浦 伸也、清野 透、五島 直樹、稲垣 昌樹、林 裕子

Pages: 1043-1055
Oral administration of antibiotics results in fecal occult bleeding due to metabolic disorders and defective proliferation of the gut epithelial cell in mice

園田 光、神山 長慶、小坂 聡太郎、玄同 淑子、尾崎 貴士、広瀬 晴奈、野口 香緒里、Benjawan Saechue、佐知 望美、酒井 久美子、水上 一弘、飛彈野 真也、村上 和成、小林 隆志