Genes to Cells 24巻2号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 24, Issue 2, 2019.

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Original Articles

Pages: 112-125
A murine model of acute lung injury identifies growth factors to promote tissue repair and their biomarkers

黒澤 武介、三好 嗣臣、山﨑 創、仁科 隆史、三上 哲夫、及川 彰、本間 栄、中野 裕康

Pages: 126-138
Nucleus-localized adiponectin is survival gatekeeper through miR-214-mediated AIFM2 regulation

曹 準権、勅使河原 利香、亀田 雅博、山口 新平、多田 高

Pages: 139-150
Comparative proteomics of Helicobacter pylori strains reveals geographical features rather than genomic variations

杉山 直幸、三宅 里美、Miao-Hsia Lin、若林 真樹、丸澤 宏之、西海 信、吉田 優、石濱 泰

Pages: 151-161
RagA, an mTORC1 activator, interacts with a hedgehog signaling protein, WDR35/IFT121

関口 猛、古野 伸明、石井 健士、廣瀬 英司、関口 郁子、Yonggang Wang、小林 英紀

Pages: 162-171
Role of the clock gene Period3 in the human cell-autonomous circadian clock

松村 律子、明石 真

Pages: 172-186
The fission yeast Greatwall-Endosulfine pathway is required for proper quiescence/G0 phase entry and maintenance

青野 壮馬、春名 結、渡辺 洋平、持田 悟、武田 鋼二郎