Genes to Cells 24巻12号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 24, Issue 12, 2019.

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Meeting Report

Pages: 762-767
Animal transgenesis now and beyond in the era of genome editing: Snapshots from the 15th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019) in Kobe, Japan

清成 寛、古田 泰秀

Original Articles

Pages: 768-780
ヤマクマムシ (Hypsibius exemplaris) の乾眠誘導にはAMPK活性が必須であり、PP2Aがその上方制御因子候補である
AMPK activity is required for the induction of anhydrobiosis in a tardigrade Hypsibius exemplaris, and its potential upregulator is PP2A

近藤 小雪、森 大、冨田 勝、荒川 和晴

Pages: 781-788
An efficient method for the isolation of interaction-null/impaired mutants using the yeast two-hybrid technique

田中 誠司

Pages: 789-800
Lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 is required to maintain intercalated disc integrity
Xiang Wang, Yan Zou, Yang Li, Zhidan Chen, Chao Yin, Ying Wang, Lei Zhang, Jian Wu, Chunjie Yang, Guoping Zhang, Yunzeng Zou, Hui Gong

Pages: 801-813
Defective induction of the proteasome associated with T-cell receptor signaling underlies T-cell senescence

荒田 義之、渡邊 綾香、本杉 良、村上 龍一、後藤 剛志、堀 昌平、平山 尚志郎、濱崎 純、村田 茂穂

Pages: 814-826
Super-resolution imaging reveals changes in Escherichia coli SSB localization in response to DNA damage
Tianyu Zhao, Yan Liu, Zilin Wang, Rongyan He, Jia Xiang Zhang, Feng Xu, Ming Lei, Michael B. Deci, Juliane Nguyen and Piero R. Bianco

Pages: 827-835
Evaluation of off-target effects of gapmer antisense oligonucleotides using human cells

吉田 徳幸、内藤 雄樹、安原 秀典、佐々木 澄美、川路 英哉、河合 純、内藤 幹彦、奥田 晴宏、小比賀 聡、井上 貴雄

Pages: 836-847
Single-cell study of neural stem cells derived from human iPSCs reveals distinct progenitor populations with neurogenic and gliogenic potential

Matti Lam、佐野坂 司、Anders Lundin、今泉 研人、Damla Etal、Fredrik H. Karlsson、Maryam Clausen、Jonathan Cairns、Ryan Hicks、神山 淳、Malin Kele、岡野 栄之、Anna Falk