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Genes to Cells
Volume 25, Issue 11, 2020.

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Original Articles

Pages: 707-717
SH3P2はmyosin 1Eの細胞膜局在制御を介して破骨細胞の分化を調節する
SH3P2 suppresses osteoclast differentiation through restricting membrane localization of myosin 1E

中邨 翔太、増山 律子、酒井 康介、福田 香凜、武田 弘資、谷村 進

Pages: 718-729
A DNA repair player, ring finger protein 43, relieves etoposide-induced topoisomerase II poisoning
Tassanee Lerksuthirat, Rakkreat Wikiniyadhanee, Wasana Stitchantrakul, Sermsiri Chitphuk, Nauljun Stansook, Nut Pipatpanyanugoon, Siwanon Jirawatnotai and Donniphat Dejsuphong

Pages: 730-740
The SUN1 splicing variants SUN1_888 and SUN1_916 differentially regulate nucleolar structure

里見 瑛梨奈、植田 雅子、片平 じゅん、檜枝 美紀

Pages: 741-752
Overexpression of neural miRNAs miR-9/9* and miR-124 suppresses differentiation to Müller glia and promotes differentiation to neurons in mouse retina in vivo

鈴木 富美子、奥野 万里子、田中 智也、佐貫 理佳子