Genes to Cells 26巻6号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 26, Issue 6, 2021.

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Review Article

Pages: 349-359
Chromatin remodeling in replication-uncoupled maintenance DNA methylation and chromosome stability: Insights from ICF syndrome studies

鵜木 元香

Original Articles

Pages: 360-380
The intrinsically disordered N-terminal region of mouse DNA polymerase alpha mediates its interaction with POT1a/b at telomeres

水野 武、平林 佳、宮澤 沙絵、小林 百合香、荘司 健太、小林 正和、花岡 文雄、今本 尚子、鳥越 秀峰

Pages: 381-398
Pbp1 mediates the aberrant expression of genes involved in growth defect of ccr4Δ and pop2Δ mutants in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Arvin Lapiz Valderrama、藤井 志織、Duong Long Duy、入江 かおる、水野 智亮、須田 恭之、入江 賢児

Pages: 399-410
Sonic hedgehogは大脳新皮質領域の神経幹細胞数を増大させ、大脳新皮質表面積の拡大と皺形成をもたらす
Sonic hedgehog expands neural stem cells in the neocortical region leading to an expanded and wrinkled neocortical surface

Mohammed Shqirat、木下 晃、影山 龍一郎、大塚 俊之

Pages: 411-425
EGL-4/PKG regulates the role of an interneuron in a chemotaxis circuit of C. elegans through mediating integration of sensory signals

日野 喬央、平井 祥太、石原 健、藤原 学

Pages: 426-446
14-3-3γ prevents centrosome duplication by inhibiting NPM1 function
Arunabha Bose, Kruti Modi, Suchismita Dey, Somavally Dalvi, Prafful Nadkarni, Mukund Sudarshan, Tapas K. Kundu, Prasanna Venkatraman and Sorab N. Dalal

Pages: 447-454
UV-induced activation of ATR is mediated by UHRF2

花木 駿介、羽原 誠、島田 緑