Genes to Cells 27巻1号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 27, Issue 1, 2022.

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Original Articles

Pages: 5-13
ウシ脱分化脂肪細胞 (DFAT) の脂肪細胞分化に及ぼす種々の揮発性脂肪酸の影響
Effect of volatile fatty acids on adipocyte differentiation in bovine dedifferentiated fat (DFAT) cells in vitro

沖 嘉尚、萩原 玲子、松丸 卓史、加野 浩一郎

Pages: 14-24
LincRNA-p21 exon1 expression correlates with Cdkn1a expression in vivo

古畑 理樹、今坂 舞、杉本 道彦、吉信 公美子、荒木 正健、荒木 喜美

Pages: 25-42
Glioma cells remotely promote erythropoiesis as a self-expanding strategy of cancer stem cells

Alapati Aimaitijiang、椨 康一、Wenqian Wang、信久 幾夫、田賀 哲也

Pages: 43-60
The cell type-specific ER membrane protein UGS148 is not essential in mice

高橋 理、棚橋 まゆ子、横井 佐織、金子 麻里、屋中 香織、中川 真一、米田 宏

Pages: 61-71
Identification and characterization of novel proteins associated with CHD4

坂口 千尋、市原 知哉、仁田 暁大、片山 雄太、中山 敬一