Genes to Cells 27巻6号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 27, Issue 6, 2022.

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Review Article

Pages: 381-391
Ubiquitin proteasome system in circadian rhythm and sleep homeostasis: Lessons from Drosophila

浮田 有美子、奥村 美紗子、千原 崇裕

Original Articles

Pages: 392-408
Partial exogastrulation due to apical–basal polarity of F-actin distribution disruption in sea urchin embryo by omeprazole

渡辺 開智、安井 優平、黒瀬 友太、藤井 雅史、山本 卓、坂本 尚昭、粟津 暁紀

Pages: 409-420
PAF1複合体は線虫C. elegansの卵形成を細胞自律的に促進する
The PAF1 complex cell autonomously promotes oogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans

久保田 幸彦、大田 菜摘、高塚 悠、海野 琢真、大浪 修一、杉本 亜砂子、伊藤 將弘

Pages: 421-435
An ALS-associated KIF5A mutant forms oligomers and aggregates and induces neuronal toxicity

中野 朱莉、千葉 杏子、丹羽 伸介

Pages: 436-450
Rapalog-induced cell adhesion molecule inhibits mesoderm migration in Xenopus embryos by increasing frequency of adhesion to the ectoderm

宇佐美 知沙、猪股 秀彦

Pages: 451-464
Stimulatory role of nectin-4 and p95-ErbB2 in multilayered T47D cell proliferation

慶田城 迅、亀山 武志、水谷 清人、高井 義美