Genes to Cells 28巻8号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 28, Issue 8, 2023.

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Review Article

Pages: 539-552
Nondomain biopolymers: Flexible molecular strategies to acquire biological functions

荒川 和晴、廣瀬 哲郎、稲田 利文、伊藤 拓宏、甲斐 歳恵、尾山 大明、泊 幸秀、依田 隆夫、中川 真一

Original Articles

Pages: 553-562
Quick and affordable DNA cloning by reconstitution of Seamless Ligation Cloning Extract using defined factors

Alexander Y. Liu、古賀 大翔、合屋 智尋、北畠 真

Pages: 563-572
Impacts of methotrexate on survival, dendrite development, and synapse formation of cortical neurons

山村 真伊、花村 健次、小金澤 紀子、古林 せなみ、白尾 智明、川辺 浩志

Pages: 573-584
Squamous cell carcinoma-derived G-CSF promotes tumor growth and metastasis in mice through neutrophil recruitment and tumor cell proliferation, associated with poor prognosis of the patients

煙山 紘平、安 健博、本山 悟、長岐 雄志、山口 智和、佐藤 雄亮、脇田 晃行、南谷 佳弘、久場 敬司

Pages: 585-594
脂肪肝における adipogenin 遺伝子発現の PPARγ による転写制御
Transcriptional regulation of adipogenin expression in liver steatosis by hepatic peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma

藍原 大甫、坂口 愛、松末 公彦

Pages: 595-614
Meiotic DNA double-strand break-independent role of protein phosphatase 4 in Hop1 assembly to promote meiotic chromosome axis formation in budding yeast

李 珂、吉村 慧、篠原 美紀

Brief Report

Pages: 615-623
Serine-rich domain of RNPS1 functions in activation of alternative splicing
Sweta Kumari, Bhagyashree Deka and Kusum Kumari Singh