Genes to Cells 28巻10号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 28, Issue 10, 2023.

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Original Articles

Pages: 679-693
Cdc7 kinase is required for postnatal brain development

堀 かりん、山崎 聡志、丸山 千秋、小野 富男、井口 智弘、正井 久雄

Pages: 694-708
DHX36 maintains genomic integrity by unwinding G-quadruplexes

水本 綾佳、横山 祐太、三好 知一郎、滝川 雅大、石川 冬木、定家 真人

Pages: 709-726
Ectopic expression of matrix metalloproteinases and filopodia extension via JNK activation are involved in the invasion of blood tumor cells in Drosophila mxc mutant

寳田 一希、木下 樹理、井上 喜博

Pages: 727-735
Validity of the cell-extracted proteome as a substrate pool for exploring phosphorylation motifs of kinases

新苗 智也、杉山 直幸、石濱 泰

Brief Reports

Pages: 736-745
Severe ethanol stress inhibits yeast proteasome activity at moderate temperatures but not at low temperatures

Vo Thi Anh Nguyet、安東 稜子、古谷 昇、井沢 真吾

Pages: 746-752
Daidara: トビムシAllacma fuscaから見つかった巨大LTRレトロトランスポゾン
Daidara: A gigantic Gypsy LTR retrotransposon lineage in the springtail Allacma fusca genome

小島 健司