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Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 3, 2018.

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Original Articles

Pages: 122-135
Lem2 is retained at the nuclear envelope through its interaction with Bqt4 in fission yeast

平野 泰弘、衣笠 泰葉、淺川 東彦、近重 裕次、小布施 力史、原口 徳子、平岡 泰

Pages: 136-145
Transgenic mice specifically expressing amphiregulin in white adipose tissue showed less adipose tissue mass

楊 波、久本  高央、有馬 岳志、中村 美奈子、眞田 洋平、Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee、外丸 祐介、島田 昌之、矢中 規之

Pages: 146-160
Preferable in vitro condition for maintaining faithful DNA methylation imprinting in mouse embryonic stem cells

李 知英、松沢 歩、志浦 寛相、酢谷 明人、石野 史敏

Pages: 161-171
Tumor necrosis factor-α regulates human follicular dendritic cell-secreted protein gene transcription in gingival epithelial cells

岩井 泰伸、能田 佳祐、山崎 瑞穂、加藤 彩子、目澤 優、高井 英樹、中山 洋平、小方 頼昌

Pages: 172-184
RBMX is a component of the centromere noncoding RNP complex involved in cohesion regulation

長裕 紀子、井手上 賢、長山 慈、荒木 令江、谷 時雄

Pages: 185-199
Requirement of the F-actin-binding activity of l-afadin for enhancing the formation of adherens and tight junctions

榊原 正太郎、丸尾 知彦、宮田 宗明、水谷 清人、高井 義美

Pages: 200-213
Mutations at multiple CDK phosphorylation consensus sites on Cdt2 increase the affinity of CRL4Cdt2 for PCNA and its ubiquitination activity in S phase

貫名 康平、林 晃世、塩見 泰史、菅澤 薫、大坪 素秋、西谷 秀男

Pages: 214-224
Roles of the third Ig-like domain of Necl-5/PVR and the fifth Ig-like domain of the PDGF receptor in its signaling

上田 悠貴、慶田城 迅、圓岡 真宏、水谷 清人、高井 義美

Brief Reports

Pages: 225-233
MicroRNA-664a-5p promotes neuronal differentiation of SH-SY5Y cells

渡邉 和則、山路 隆平、大槻 高史

Pages: 234-240
Wingless signaling regulates winner/loser status in Minute cell competition

赤井 菜々美、井垣 達吏、大澤 志津江

Pages: 241-247
Effect of a clockwise-locked deletion in FliG on the FliG ring structure of the bacterial flagellar motor

木下 実紀、難波 啓一、南野 徹


Page: 248
柳田 充弘