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Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 4, 2018.

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Page: 254
Genes to Cells新編集長より
西田 栄介

Original Articles

Pages: 255-263
Unexpected heterogeneity derived from Cas9 ribonucleoprotein-introduced clonal cells at the HPRT1 locus

佐久間 哲史、持田 圭次、中出 翔太、江連 徹、皆川 吉、山本 卓

Pages: 264-273
Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans infection causes DNA double-strand breaks in host cells

手島 理絵、花田 克浩、赤田 純子、河野 憲司、山岡 𠮷生

Pages: 274-284
Transposable elements shape the human proteome landscape via formation of cis-acting upstream open reading frames

北野 翔平、倉澤 光、相澤 康則

Pages: 285-293
Phosphorylation of N-terminal regions of REV-ERBs regulates their intracellular localization

大場 祐希、程 肇

Pages: 294-306
Atomic force microscopy analysis of SasA-KaiC complex formation involved in information transfer from the KaiABC clock machinery to the output pathway in cyanobacteria

村上 怜子、鉾之原 瞳、蔡 徳七、川合 知二、松本 卓也、石浦 正寛

Pages: 307-317
The periplasmic disordered domain of RodZ promotes its self-interaction in Escherichia coli

池邉 涼介、桑原 友里、近田 大基、仁木 宏典、塩見 大輔

Brief Report

Pages: 318-325
Transgenic mouse lines expressing the 3xFLAG-dCas9 protein for enChIP analysis

藤田 敏次、北浦 房子、大字 亜沙美、谷川 直紀、湯野 美由紀、伊川 正人、谷内 一郎、藤井 穂高