Genes to Cells 23巻5号 目次


Genes to Cells
Volume 23, Issue 5, 2018.

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Original Articles

Pages: 332-344
MicroRNP-mediated translational activation of non-adenylated mRNAs in a mammalian cell-free system

脇山 素明、尾上 耕一、岩岡 諒、青木 一真、星野 真一

Pages: 345-356
Dullard deficiency causes hemorrhage in the adult ovarian follicles

早田 匡芳、値賀 正彦、江面 陽一、浅島 誠、片渕 秀隆、西中村 隆一、野田 政樹

Pages: 357-369
The role of ω-subunit of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase in stress response
Neerupma Bhardwaj, Kirtimaan Syal and Dipankar Chatterji

Pages: 370-385
The force-sensing device region of α-catenin is an intrinsically disordered segment in the absence of intramolecular stabilization of the autoinhibitory form

平野 良憲、天野 優、米村 重信、箱嶋 敏雄

Brief Reports

Pages: 386-392
Hyperactivation of Nrf2 leads to hypoplasia of bone in vivo

吉田 瑛紀、鈴木 隆史、守田 匡伸、田口 恵子、土田 恒平、本橋 ほづみ、土井田 稔、山本 雅之

Pages: 393-399
Potential role of the pancreatic hormone insulin in resetting human peripheral clocks

梶本 潤、松村 律子、野出 孝一、明石 真