Genes to Cells 24巻4号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 24, Issue 4, 2019.

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Original Articles

Pages: 272-283
Human THO coordinates transcription termination and subsequent transcript release from the HSP70 locus

片平 じゅん、石川 浩基、辻村 翔、黒野 定、檜枝 美紀

Pages: 284-296
スピロノラクトンで誘導されるXPBの分解はCDK7キナーゼとSCFFBXL18 E3リガーゼに依存する
Spironolactone-induced XPB degradation depends on CDK7 kinase and SCFFBXL18 E3 ligase

上田 将信、松浦 顕教、河合 秀彦、若杉 光生、松永 司

Pages: 297-306
Automated FRET quantification shows distinct subcellular ERK activation kinetics in response to graded EGFR signaling in Drosophila

小椋 陽介、Mustafa M. Sami、和田 宝成、林 茂生

Pages: 307-317
Genetic interactions between Ror2 and Wnt9a, Ror1 and Wnt9a and Ror2 and Ror1: Phenotypic analysis of the limb skeleton and palate in compound mutants
Martina Weissenböck、Richard Latham、西田 満、Lena Ingeborg Wolff、Hsin-Yi Henry Ho、南 康博、Christine Hartmann

Brief Reports

Pages: 318-323
Evolutionary origin of the type 2 corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor γ splice variant
Bert De Groef, Stanisław K. Wawrzyczek, Yugo Watanabe, Ellyse B. Noy, David H. Reser and Sylvia V. H. Grommen

Pages: 324-331
Transcriptome analysis reveals ambiguous phenotypes of murine primitive endoderm-related stem cell lines
Yixiang Zhong and Bert Binas