Genes to Cells 24巻5号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 24, Issue 5, 2019.

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Original Articles

Pages: 338-353
Roles of Nup133, Nup153 and membrane fenestrations in assembly of the nuclear pore complex at the end of mitosis

Şükriye Bilir、糀谷 知子、森 知栄、小坂田 裕子、小林 昇平、荒神 尚子、平岡 泰、原口 徳子

Pages: 354-365
SCFFbxw7 ubiquitylates KLF7 for degradation in a manner dependent on GSK-3-mediated phosphorylation

杉山 成明、弓本 佳苗、井上 一平、中山 敬一

Pages: 366-376
Lysophosphatidylinositol-acyltrasferase-1 is involved in cytosolic Ca2+ oscillations in macrophages

竹増 真也、伊藤 政明、森岡 真、濁川 清美、小藤 智史、高須賀 俊輔、江口 賢史、中西 広樹、松岡 功、佐々木 純子、佐々木 雄彦、櫨木 薫

Pages: 377-389
MRG-1 is required for both chromatin-based transcriptional silencing and genomic integrity of primordial germ cells in Caenorhabditis elegans

巳波 孝至、井上 邦夫、坂本 博

Pages: 390-402
Keratin-binding ability of the N-terminal Solo domain of Solo is critical for its function in cellular mechanotransduction

藤原 佐知子、松井 翼、大橋 一正、水野 健作、出口 真次