Genes to Cells 27巻9号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 27, Issue 9, 2022.

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Original Articles

Pages: 549-558
Improved anti-solid tumor response by humanized anti-podoplanin chimeric antigen receptor transduced human cytotoxic T cells in an animal model

石川 晃大、早稲田 真澄、石井 智子、金子 美華、加藤 幸成、金子 新

Pages: 559-567
Identification of responsible amino acid residues in staphylococcal superantigen-like 12 for the activation of mast cells

金 光東、伊藤 佐生智、伊藤 佑真、大矢 進、肥田 重明

Pages: 568-578
Formation of multiple flagella caused by a mutation of the flagellar rotor protein FliM in Vibrio alginolyticus

本間 道夫、竹川 宜宏、藤原 和志、郝 雨希、尾上 靖宏、小嶋 誠司

Brief Report

Pages: 579-585
N-terminal Ago-binding domain of GW182 contains a tryptophan-rich region that confer binding to the CCR4-NOT complex

脇山 素明、滝元 宏治