Genes to Cells 27巻10号 目次

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Genes to Cells
Volume 27, Issue 10, 2022.

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Original Articles

Pages: 591-601
Machine learning approach identifies prominent codons from different degenerate groups influencing gene expression in bacteria
Piyali Sen, Annushree Kurmi, Suvendra Kumar Ray and Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy

Pages: 602-612
N-(3,4-dimethoxyphenethyl)-6-methyl-2,3,4,9-tetrahydro-1H-carbazol-1-amine inhibits bladder cancer progression by suppressing YAP1/TAZ

白石 祐介、前濱 朝彦、西尾 美希、大谷 淳二、日笠 弘基、Tak Wah Mak、佐々木 雄彦、本間 光貴、近藤 恭光、長田 裕之、吉田 稔、藤澤 正人、鈴木 聡

Brief Reports

Pages: 613-620
Potential negative effect of total parenteral nutrition on the human circadian clock

辰元 宗人、松村 律子、遠藤 卓行、徳田 功、野出 孝一、明石 真

Pages: 621-628
線虫C. elegansにおいて生殖細胞特異的なTAP様蛋白質NXF-2は新規のRNPを形成しtra-2 3'UTR依存的なmRNA核外輸送に必要である
The germ cell-specific TAP-like protein NXF-2 forms a novel granular structure and is required for tra-2 3’UTR-dependent mRNA export in Caenorhabditis elegans

巳波 孝至、大谷 啓悟、井上 邦夫、坂本 博